se mi mangi ViviSano

Di Leo se mi mangi ViviSano biscuits

The biscuits in the se mi mangi Vivisano (Italian for “if you eat me you’ll live healthily”) range are a good way to start your day with the taste and goodness of Di Leo products.



Tasty, healthy and wholesome ingredients

Our biscuits are full of tasty and wholesome ingredients. Discover the balance between taste and simplicity in our biscuits.


Cut a fine figure with our biscuits

Di Leo biscuits are produced using a technique known as wire cutting.
The mix is poured into the mould, just like a pastry syringe, and then cut by a steel wire. This makes the surface of the biscuit rougher and more porous, which means it can be dunked into liquids for longer without breaking. This is a very popular feature for breakfast biscuits.


Comparative table

Fat content compared to other products

ViviSano with extra virgin olive oil and rice flour have 40% less fat than the average.


Naturally Di Leo

Here at Di Leo we use recyclable materials for our packaging

The advantages of ViviSano with extra virgin olive oil

  • With extra virgin olive oil
  • With rice flour
  • 40% less fat
  • 78% less fat (Compared to average of the best-selling shortbread brands - Source: AIDEPI)
  • Good to munch on