i Fiorbì

With all their natural goodness, Fiorbì biscuits are made exclusively with top-quality organic ingredients, which have not been treated with pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers and are not genetically modified. For this reason, together with the peace of mind provided by certified quality and the balanced flavours of their traditional recipe, they can naturally give you all the taste of yesteryear.



Tasty, healthy and wholesome ingredients

Made with quality ingredients: special-purpose flour, cane sugar, organic corn or extra virgin olive oil.


The origins of our flours

The durum wheat semolina variety, Cappelli (or Senatore Cappelli), used in Fiorbì comes from a farming area known as the “granary of Italy”, in the Daunia hills overlooking the plains of ​​the province of Foggia, home to Senatore Cappelli wheat.


What is Senatore Cappelli wheat?

Senatore Cappelli owes its name to the Abruzzo senator Raffaele Cappelli, who worked hard at the beginning of the 20th century to introduce agrarian reform which led to the distinction between hard and soft wheat. Selected in Foggia in 1915 from natural strains that were never genetically modified, for decades they were the most popular crops throughout Southern Italy, Sicily and Sardinia.


The properties of Senatore Cappelli wheat

Quality farms in the Daunia area continue to produce Senatore Cappelli wheat from certified seed. The ancient wheat is pure-ground to obtain fragrant flours, scented with the characteristic organoleptic properties of yesteryear. Particularly resistant to dry climates and considered the king of Italian durum wheats, it has recently been rediscovered due to its excellent qualities.